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Why Did the Pentagon Quietly Stop Recording Burn Pit Lung Exposure?

A national scandal lurks just beneath the surface. By the Pentagon’s own estimate it affects as many as 1.2 million veterans. During the Post-911 Wars the Pentagon decided to waive the general requirement that exposure to burn pit toxins be recorded on individual medical records. The waiver is trackable, but one of the source waivers has disappeared from the public record. But we found a copy.



AUGUST 12, 2018

Almost all of the evidence of her rape was destroyed by the US Army, she was charged with lying to the CID about her own rape, and all her service benefits, including for both her rape and burnpit lung damage, was taken away from her.  She is dying and the coverup continues.

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May 3, 2018

Veterans National Recovery Center will offer Live Press advisory with Iraq War Gang Rape Victim who has been Denied VA Health Care

The Veterans National Recovery Center will hold a press conference on Friday, May 4th, 2018 at 10 AM in the Legislative Dining Room at the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines. The tragic case of Christina Thundathil, an Iraq war veteran and the circumstances surrounding the denial of healthcare by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Thundathil will be available by video conference, and, after a short presentation, will take questions and answers from the media.

Narrative: WAS THERE A COVER-UP OF THE BRUTAL RAPE OF ARMY PRIVATE CHRISTINA D. THUNDATHIL DURING THE IRAQ WAR? If so, what was the motive? Who in the command made the key coverup decisions? Why is the coverup of the rape preventing the US Department of Veterans Affairs from helping save Christina’s life after she became ill from working in an Iraq Burn Pit?

How is Iowa involved in this? This is not the first time Iowans have been made aware of the plight of Christina Thundathil.Her case was presented to Iowa during the US Senate Braley-Ernst contest in 2014 and was generally dismissed by the media. However, after careful review, we feel that Christina Thundathil’s case is solid, and casts a shadow on military justice actions taken. An outline of touchpoints will be presented.

About the VNRC: VNRC is a 501 (c)(3) charity. One of our main focuses over the years has been Military Sexual Trauma (MST). We promoted a Military Sexual Assault bill through the Iowa General assembly in 2014. That law was a national first. It has been recognized nationally among Army Reserve and National Guard SHARP Coordinators and MST groups generally. In addition, we have worked to assist individuals with MST.


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