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Military Sexual Trauma Action Plan

Welcome to the Veterans' National Recovery Center

The Veterans' National Recovery Center (VNRC) offers an integrated service center that provides training, counseling, personal connectivity and a peaceful environment for veteran transitional residents.

"We have the opportunity to be gifted a large commercial campus in central Iowa, which is currently under discussion. Our goal is to repurpose the campus to house and treat veterans.  Economies of scale allows us to develop this small amount into a program that includes many holistic healing alternatives."

If you'd like, you can download our prospectus in Word format HERE.

Healing PTSD: Any Way We Can

Although many soldiers returning home from tours of duty reintegrate into civilian society relatively well, other veterans may encounter significant obstacles to leading a normal civilian life. The challenges are myriad. For instance, “the younger, post-9/11 veteran unemployment rate [in October 2013] was 10 percent, and this is not a one-time spike,” reports Forbes, noting that veteran unemployment has been consistently higher than civilian unemployment for the last four years, due to factors including youth and lack of experience, employers who insist on duplicating training already completed in the military (such as IT training), and social stigma.


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