Icy on the Mississippii


From the lounge room window I watched the fog roll on to the river and surrounding areas like a grey blanket.  I noticed I brighten up remarkably when the sun peaked through the clouds yesterday and decided to take an early morning walk down to the river and then popped into the local gas station.  They were advertising a new maciano coffee made with fresh milk.  The checkout person always offers a donut with the new coffee and I always decline, muttering that I’ve already had too many donuts over Christmas but appreciated the offer.  The early morning workers rush in to grab a something to drink  or eat and to pay for petrol before they shuffle to wherever they work. Grabbing a cup at the gas station and walking down town and then next to the river is a small routine I have made myself especially during the cold bleak months.Sometimes I  go to the library which is only a block from our place and get my latest fix on Bazar magazine or ‘How to do the best trim board or how to give your remodeled house a curved window look.  I rummage through the dvd isle picking out a hopefully good flick or comedy. Next I might will sit and read  magazines before going home.

All these small routines and habits keep me sane during winter.  I have a couple of groups that I have joined but it is all too easy to slump into a dull half-life when it is cold, sometimes icy days.  It takes a certain dogged mental choice to do the centering in the morning and occasionally if I have an opportunity, I’ll half cheat and sit in bed propped up by pillows.    

I live in the hope that the sun will come back, the ice and snow will melt and I can welcome the warmer weather like a dear cousin I haven’t seen for years.  I might even get emotional when they get here but I say the soon the better.  In the mean time I keep my regular habits, and tick them off for the week.  I do Centering four or more times a week, attending a group centering group, walking daily or at least four or five times a week down town or by the river, the gas station coffee and the library. 

In the mean time, I’ll sit and watch funny movies or comedies and have a good laugh.  Bring on the spring I say.




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